Show Notes

Today I interview Scot Kudcey of Thermal Fluids Inc
When it comes to heat transfer fluid (Glycol) for process chiller systems, Scot Kudcey is THE MAN for the job. 
Scot has over two decades of experience in the Thermal Fluids (Glycol) business. 
In this masterclass, we cover some key do’s and don’ts when it comes to the use of glycol in process chiller applications. 
In this episode, Scot separates the facts from fiction about glycol. 
If you need help with anything related to glycol in process chiller applications, check with Thermal Fluid’s Inc (TFI). 
Contact information:
Click Here for the website
Call: (800) 640-8011
Some of the topics discussed in this Masterclass:
  • A most common misunderstanding about Glycol.
  • The types of glycol that you should never use in a process chiller.
  • What’s the difference between PG and EG glycols.
  • What glycol is the most environmentally friendly?
  • How to stay out of trouble with the EPA when using glycol. 
  • A field story about what actually happened with the wrong glycols was used.
  • Value if getting process chiller fluid tested.
  • Important glycol-related items contractors and service technicians can do to take better care of their customers. 
  • Be careful about readings specs on the glycol you buy. 
  • Cheaper glycol is not necessarily better. 
  • What can happen when using glycols with PVC piping. 
  • Discussion of TFI’s FAQ pdf. 
  • You can’t use EG in many USA markets due to environmental regulations. 
  • Be careful about using DI water in a process chiller application. 
  • What is the value of the glycol inhibitor package in glycol. 
  • TFI does FREE freeze point testing on the process chiller system running their products. 
  • Can you mix PG and EG glycols?