Show Notes

Today I interview Jim Bartolotta  SYNERGY SOLUTION GROUP.

If you an HVAC contractor or service technician, this PCA masterclass episode will be worth your time. 

This wide information-packed interview with Jim provides some amazing detail on what leading HVAC contractors of many different business sizes and backgrounds all work together to grow their businesses and find and retain technical talent. 

Jim also shares some insights into what leading HVAC service contractors are looking for in their new hires for those technicians out there. 

If you happen to be an HVAC business owner, there could be some significant benefits to joining an owners group like Synergy. 

Synergy Solutions Group contact information:
Click Here for the website
Call: 888-628-4713

Some of the topics discussed in this Masterclass:

  • How those crossroad decisions in life can really pay off. 
  • A career in trades like HVAC / Refrigeration can be an excellent alternate path to a traditional college. 
  • The HVACR services trade came through the 2020 / 2021 covid pandemic much stronger than expected.  Many of the Synergy members set 2020 business volume records. 
  • The importance of having a diverse client mix. 
  • Key benefits of having a mindset of collaboration with running an HVACR business. 
  • Benefits of setting up a collaborative group that are all in the same business yet not directly competing with each other. 
  • Trending with Synergy members is that recruiting is a bigger factor than finding new business these days. 
  • How are the refrigeration equipment manufacturers doing at supporting the needs of their industries. 
  • Quality contractor training remains a challenge to get in the HVACR industry. 
  • Advice for HVACR technicians on how to speed their growth. What are employers looking for. 
  • Understanding the people side of the business. 
  • What sets groups like Synergy apart from some of the larger associations like RSES, ACCA or ASHRAE.
  • Expected expansion going on in the areas HVACR specialty areas such as process chillers or building automation controls. 
  • As an HVACR contractor who focuses on specialty HVACR markets, such as process chillers, helps with technician retention and generally higher profit margins. 
  • What types of HVACR contractors are a good fit for groups like Synergy. Great story about one of their members. 
  • How collaboration can help HVACR business owners avoid the reality distortion field.
  • How does accountability come into play when business owners commit to a collaboration mindset.