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Episode Transcript

Hey guys, it’s Martin King, I have an exciting announcement today I’m launching the process chiller pro podcast. And it’s been a journey. A couple months back, I was having a conversation with a very successful online course creator, the guy’s name was Nick true, with mapped out money, calm, just a plug for Nick. And he said to me right out, he says, Martin, you know, you’ve got some good content, I think you have a lot to offer. But you’ve got to get specific on the community of people out there that your content is supposed to take care of. So I did a lot of soul searching. And what I came up with is three different demographics. And I hope if you’re watching this, that you perhaps fit into one of these. One is the next generation of HVAC, refrigeration tacks, these might be as young as juniors and seniors in high school that are starting to have conversations with school counselors, parents about what I’m going to be doing with the rest of my life after I graduate, and I was one of those people.

So I want to get information out there about this amazing trade to these folks to see if we can attract them to skilled trades versus going off to college. There’s advantages to it, if you’re the right person, right? The next demographic is going to be the HVAC technicians that are currently working. This could be an apprentice, just a newbie, this could be somebody who’s been around a while. So there’s a lot of things that I want to help with foundational training mindsets, I’m going to get into a program that I have in a minute. But that community, I think, is in need of perhaps some direction on how to how to how to excel in your career. And that’s one of the things that I want to help that community do. The next one is might be senior technicians that are sort of feeling around with the idea of maybe starting their own contracting company, maybe being a business owner is something that is attractive to them, maybe it’s a family business that they may have a chance to take over. What I want to do is I want to provide guidance to those individuals that are considering going into a business ownership. And just to let you know, you know, just because you’re a really great technician doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re, it’s in your DNA, if you will, to start your own business. So I want to help those folks that are just making those decisions, and really do that required soul searching to find out, do you have it in you to do it, and I’ve got a lot to share in that area. And along with business ownership if you’re in business Currently, there’s ebbs and flows right to being a business owner. And I struggled for years, you know, you have the feast and famines, you have technicians, you’re trying to keep busy during the slow season, you’re going to have dealing with insurance companies dealing with money issues, that kind of stuff. I have a lot of resources from myself, as well as the connections that I’ve developed over the years that I hope will be really helpful. So that’s what process chiller pro podcast is going to be all about. Now, just because the word process chillers is in the name of the podcast, I want to use process chiller serves as sort of a primer for how you can evolve your career. And that’s one of the things that I think that I want to I want to showcase just because I’m talking about process chillers. What I’m really talking about is a specialty set of skills that you can use to further your career. Whether you know you’re currently working as an installer, you’re working as a technician. What I’m going to argue is having special skills process chillers controls, boilers, pumps, system design, having a special skill, we’re really differentiate yourself as a technician, as well as if you’re a business owner. If you want to find a way to steady out your business, make it a 12 month out of the year business having a specialty skill or something your company is known for will definitely help you with that endeavor. So all of process chiller pros content is going to be founded in what I call the BST career success process. This is a process that I developed years ago and I kind of started doing this about 20 plus years ago when I decided to go in my own contracting business. Now over the years I’ve used this it’s evolved in many of the technicians that went through my concept my this B S T process went on to being technicians successful technicians making well into the six figures, and several have actually started their own contracting companies and are making well into seven figures. So this process that I’m going to share with you works I’m going to give you a quick introduction. I won’t take it too much time but I’ll show you what it is on this graphic here.

So as you can see, this is a pyramid. And at the base of the pyramid, you have what I call technical excellence. And I’m going to start there with the process chiller pro podcast content, we’re going to start with technical excellence. And what I’m going to do is I go through all these different areas of the pyramid, I’m going to be bringing in guest speakers, people that I can team up with that are experts in their particular area, that is going to help you build that skill set to I want to add the most value I possibly can to this podcast. So technical excellence is the foundation and we’re going to be starting there. Next one up from that is the solid work ethic and solid work ethic is it’s mainly a mindset, however, there’s habits, there’s some training that I’m going to provide you with, that will create positive habits, as you may know, will create opportunities. So that’s what we’re going to be focusing on. And I’m going to also share with you some of the bad habits that can occur, just naturally, we’re all human. So we all develop bad habits from time to time. And I want to share with you how to identify what a bad habit is, and find a way to break away from that. And again, I’m going to bring in some speakers to help us with development of habits which which make up solid work ethic. The next one up here is what is the E, and that stands for every dollar. Now what this is about is the financial aspects of success. Now full disclosure, I’m not investment guru, it’s not going to tell you anything. What I want to do is I want to share with you again, the Habits of Successful people in the financial area. This has to do with investing However, we’re not going to be giving the investing advice, saving money in general understanding about taxes, understanding about different financial things. And we’re going to cover the gamut from if you’re just getting started in the trade, all the way up to business ownership. And I’m going to show you the things that will help you with good habits, I’m going to share with you some of the pitfalls that I fell into. And I want to make you aware of how to be successful as best I can and I’ll be bringing in some guests that are going to really knock it out of the park for you. At the top of the pyramid is what I think is gonna be the most important and it’s called balance. This is where a lot of people fall off the tracks. And I want to share with you that if you cannot maintain your work life balance, all the skills that you have underneath will crumble or can crumble. This work life balance, if you have trouble at home, you’re not investing the proper time and your spouse and your children in your faith and things like that it will naturally cause your yourself to come out of balance and it could cause a lot of issues. So we’re going to delve into that as part of the BST success process. Okay, so more about the process chiller pro podcast specific to what I call process chillers. Alright, so real briefly, I’m going to cover this in the technical excellent portions of the pyramid. But basically what a process chiller is, is it services, some type of a cooling process, common ones for the industry, and again, we’ll delve into this a lot more is MRIs, CTS, linear accelerators for cancer therapy that this all the medical world, then you have the high tech world, the cell phones that you know, everybody’s is used to all the chipsets in cell phones and PCs, and anything that has a microprocessor in it. Those chipsets are developed on water cooled gear. So each one of those has to have water to cool it in order to do development of these new chips because they’re putting out so much energy now. As well as testing them for production. So that’s something in essence, that’s how I got into the chiller business years ago. Right. The next one is fermentation control. This falls into a lot of stuff, right micro breweries. If you like micro beer, everybody does, you’re going to see that. That whole entire industry in order to produce beer, especially craft beer, you have to have process duty chillers. You have to there’s just no way around it. Other areas that you may not be aware of is wine, whether it be white wine or red wine. distilleries also require process tillers, that’s just the the frontline stuff. Then you have the specialty stuff, military applications like lasers, radar systems, mining equipment, a lot of aerospace. It goes on and on. There’s areas of your of your day to day life, that process duty chillers. Get involved in that you just take for granted you don’t really realize it so I’m going to share with you those markets, the idiosyncrasies of those markets and

how, as a technician and a business owner, you could take advantage of servicing that market that that’s really a need. Now, why specialize? So again, as I mentioned earlier process chillers is one niche, okay within the HVAC refrigeration industry. Now process chillers, there’s not a lot of difference between process chillers and air conditioning, you still have compressors evaporators, condensers metering device, all that’s in there, right? What’s special about it is it allows you to differentiate the things that you do every day into a market that has high demand, and is really difficult for businesses to bring in house. The if you have businesses that have let’s say it’s a winery, they typically aren’t going to have in house people that work on chillers because a they can’t pay for individuals that know that particular niche and be the technicians that can service that niche can make a lot more working either as a business owner or a technician, right. So it’s very difficult to

to get competition from people bringing those types of services in house. The other thing it does by being specialized again, it doesn’t necessarily have to be chillers is the fact that you will steady out your business. So if you’re in the air conditioning business, you’re doing residential, commercial,

stuff like that, you’re going to find that your business is very seasonal, you’re going to be busiest when the climate is at its extremes, right summer and winter. Well process chillers, like a lot of other trades that are specialized, they’re year round. So you’re going to be servicing those 12 months out of the year. For example, if you had a hospital that has an MRI that’s down and you have critical patients needing to come in to use an MRI, they have to be diverted to other hospitals that may be farther away. And that means that it’s it’s definitely something that has to be kept running at all times. This falls into what I call mission critical. So most process chillers will fall into the mission critical application realm, meaning that if that chiller goes down that business is having significant problems one way or the other. So you have to be you have to have that stuff running at all times. And that’s where hopefully you guys will come. So before we wrap things up a couple of announcements to you about the process chiller pro podcast, Comments are always welcome. If you go to process chiller, you can go to the podcast or blog page, and you’ll see this friendly little link on the right hand side of the page. This is a new app we’re trying out. If you click on it, give us your name, you can record a short message for us. And as long as you have a microphone enabled device, just you can submit it right there, I get it instantly, I’ll do my very best to get back with you. Please leave your name and town in your voice recording so I can figure out who you are. Right. The other thing too, if you want to get ahead on the best tech success process, if you go to again, process chiller page, and you click the resource drop down here, you’ll see there’s two pages, there’s one for Texas one for business owners, there’s a form here to fill out to get on the waitlist for a five day totally free course that we’re doing, we’re distributing it via email. That covers the BST process. So since Sunday, a lot of our content is going to be built around that concept, it’d be really helpful to get a little background on it right? Totally free, check it out. Lastly, we’re distributing our content a little differently. We are going to be putting out videos of all of our podcasts on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook. However, the actual core content is going to be on our website. So you’ll get an intro on the social platforms. But to be able to get to the actual content, you need to click the link that will provide that’ll take you directly to the core content on whatever subject we’re covering at the time. We do this. So whenever I make changes, like when you leave us comments, I’ll make changes to the content from time to time. And it just makes it so much easier to not have to chase it down on the different social platforms. YouTube, especially you cannot actually replace a video you have to do totally new posts kind of a pain. So all the video content will be the core content will be on process chill either on the blog page, or on the podcast page so you can check it out. The podcast, however, will be distributed through the normal channels. So the audio portion of all the content we’re producing is going to be on all of them iTunes, Spotify, I Heart Radio, all that stuff. We have full distribution on all of that. So that’s it. Have a great day and thanks for stopping in. I’m super excited to have you part of

The process killer pro podcast community, and definitely reach out to me Let me know if there’s specific things that you think I should be covering or not covering these. This content I’m putting out there is all about you guys, and I want to improve your lives and help you out as much as I possibly can.