Process Chiller Academy (PCA) YouTube Channel Launched

On January 14, 2021, Process Chiller Academy(PCA) officially launched its YouTube Channel

As of launch, there are several free preview segments from our most recent PRO Course Production, “Basic Refrigeration and Troubleshooting.”

We have also uploaded a preview of our latest Get-Good-Fast FREE mini-course. 

Process Chiller Academy is taking a different approach to promote its HVAC and Process chiller courses on video stream venues such as YouTube. 

HVAC technicians and business owners are encouraged to register into the PCA school as a student. There is no cost to register. 

Once registered, students can enroll in any free mini-course. Mini-Course lessons are available 27/7 for 60 days accessible from a web-enabled device.  

The PCA school also offers PRO courses that do require a minor investment, generally under $100.00, for premium educational content. Pro courses come with a host of benefits, including 24/7/365 access to content forever, Instructor office hours, and discounts on service equipment offered by PCA sponsors.