White Rose Software & Micro Pipe CO2 Refrigeration Line Sizing Software

Register Here for free software demo March 1st – https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYpce6trTkvH9cExYlmkw6tMaNofsR_vng_

I had my good friend James Bailey on the show to do an introduction of MicroPipe before next weeks demo of the line sizing software. This was to give you an inside look and a high level overview, so you can plan an prepare questions for him. James will be doing a live demo on how to size a CO2 refrigeration application using the software.

White Rose Software (incorporating MicroPipe) has been the choice of refrigeration system design for over 30-years. Conservatively we can estimate that 30,000 individual refrigeration systems currently operating in the UK alone have been designed using White Rose Software. It is tried, tested, and proven beyond any doubt.

In 2022 MicroPipe is undergoing a significant update – from a visual basic programme that requires user installation, the software will become a cloud based application and will have a modern look and feel. Online training videos will also be developed to provide an enhanced user experience. Placing the update aside, MicroPipe is available NOW, and we invite you to join a demonstration of its application!

White Rose software is co-owned by Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institute of Refrigeration James Bailey, and the support team is growing, with Trevor Matthews, Founder of Refrigeration Mentor being the North American representative.

So what does MicroPipe do?

MicroPipe eliminates the use of charts and first principles to calculate not just individual refrigeration pipes, but a limitless number of circuits within a distributed network, including riser pipework. The software covers all line types – liquid, suction/vapour, discharge and secondary cooling fluids.

MicroPipe allows for losses encountered through bends, valves, and interconnecting fittings for a full range of synthetic refrigerants, and industrial gases such as CO₂ and Ammonia.

Through accurately accounting for system losses, MicroPipe ensures that distributed pipework systems are designed to be accurate, error-free and highly energy efficient.

MicroPipe does not just work with SI units: Imperial units can also be selected by the user. It is a truly global refrigeration pipework design software package.

Micropipe includes all commonly used refrigerants and continues to be developed.