What Causes a Valve or Pipeline to Freeze? And How to Prevent Freezing Control Valves with Catco

In this video, Chase explains why valves freeze and tells you how to prevent freezing.

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0:00 Intro
0:22 Why do Valves Freeze?
0:51 Common ways to Prevent Valves from Freezing
1:25 Catco Catalytic Heaters to Prevent Freezing
2:04 Conclusion/More Info

The primary reason valves freeze is due to pressure drops in the gas flowing through them. The “Joule-Thomson Effect” states that for every 100 psi cut across a valve, the gas experiences a temperature drop of 6-8ºF.

To prevent freezing, some producers wrap their vulnerable valves with insulation and heat tape. While it’s better than nothing, it’s also inefficient and messy.

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