Walk inbox being injected with Cerma Blue ice HVAC Injection tool

Things noticed a time of testing: Improved efficiency Shorter compressor cycle time to achieve desired temp setting Power savings Improved heat transfer Helps reduce internal moisture and acid buildup Corrected the need to change air dryer modules when saturated. Quieted down the compressor Revived hard start units to normal running these are just some of the benefits of using Cerma Blue Ice Air Conditioner treatment for A/C units. Cerma blue ice A/C extends the service life in all ac units’ cars; trucks, residential commercial walk in boxes, ice machines, and reduce your electric bills up to 30%. It works by creating a diamond hard surface on all moving and nonmoving parts, will reduce friction up to 20 times , When an A/C system is evacuated only 90% of the moisture can be removed Cerma also has a drying agent that will remove 100% of the moisture in your system. And improve heat transfer it also reduces acid attack, this is why you will see a 5 to 20 degree drop from your dashboard within 10 minutes of installation. If you treat your central air conditioner your noisy compressor will get so quiet you will only hear the fan you will notice a 3 to 4 degree drop from your duct within one hour large systems are completed in 90 days or less Dosage? Only 1/4 oz. is all that is needed for most cars and trucks 1/3 to 1/2 oz. for large vehicles. For all A/C systems the dosage is 1 and 1/4 oz. for the first 2 and one half tons each addition all ton only requires 1/4 oz. this is based on a run from the handler to the compressor of 25 feet or less if the run is 50 feet an extra 1/4 will be required. For very large systems never exceed more than 3 oz. that is all you will need.