Viper Silicone Grease Application – By HVAC Know It All

Our Silicone Grease has hundreds of uses. It is a heat dissipating and heat sink compound. A water and moisture repellent for electrical devices and components. It is the lubricant of choice in food equipment, water fixtures, vacuum connections, ice machines, ovens, and refrigeration hardware. It has a high dielectric strength for safely lubricating electro-mechanical devices. Commonly used as a protective coating to prevent corrosion on battery terminals, electrical connectors and damper motors. Silicones are compatible with most plastics, rubber, leather, composite fibers and all metals. Our Silicone Grease has a stable consistency over a wide temperature range with low volatility. It is chemically resistant to many detergents and is an ideal waterproofing compound. Kosher certified and NSF rated H1 for incidental food contact.

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