Top 5 MUST Have Tools In The HVAC Trade!!

There are a lot of tools needed for this trade, but in this video I cover the top 5 must have tools in my opinion. Choosing the right tools is typically based on personal preference and budget. These 5 tools help me get the job done effectively and efficiently. Hope you enjoy this video!

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Fieldpiece SC440 Meter:

Fieldpiece SM380V Digital Manifold:

Veto ProPac Tech MCT Tool Bag:

Supco Magnetic Umbrella:

Solderweld HVAC Brazing Pack:

Solderweld Hot Block Putty:

Navac 2cfm Battery Operated Vacuum Pump:

Accutools BluVac Micron Gauge:

Accutools TruBlu Evacuation Kit:

Veto ProPac LC Tool Bag:

Veto ProPac MC Tool Bag:

MeasureQuick App:

Fieldpiece Job Link HVACR Charge & Air Kit:

Fieldpiece Job Link Pressure Probe:

Appion 1/2″ Hose:

Appion 3/8″ Hose:

AccuTools Core Removal Tool:

Malco Sheet Metal Snips (Left Cut):

Malco Sheet Metal Snips (Right Cut):

Malco Sheet Metal Snips (Bulldogs):

Malco Sheet Metal Snips:

Malco Turbo Shear Cutter:

Malco Sheet Metal Hole Cutter:

Malco Flex Duct Cutter:

Malco Panduit Gun:

Malco Sheet Metal Hammer:—11-Leather-Gripped.html?affid=38

Malco Turbo Crimper:

Malco Sheet Metal Pipe Crimper:—Sheet-Metal-Pipe-Crimper-With-1-58-in-Throat-Depth.html?affid=38

Malco Reversible Hex Driver:

Malco 24″ hand bender:


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*Disclaimer* I received compensation to complete this project for using Turtleback Case brand products. All opinions, projects and ideas are based on my own experience.