Tools22: Very Useful HVAC Tool: Core Depressor Not Remover (Part 2of2)

In this video I talk about how useful core depressors are!

Part 1of2 – Advantages of Core Depressors

Part 2of2 – Advantages of the Mini Core Depressor

Check supply house prices first since it will probably be cheaper, but I’ve included links if you need them.

C&D CD5050 – Mini 1/4 Flare

C&D CD2060 – Full Size 1/4 Flare

C&D CD2070 – Full Size 1/4 Flare With Backseat (Seals in Gas)

C&D Valve CD5060 – Mini 5/16 Flare

C&D Valve CD2080 – Full Size 5/16 Flare

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