The webinar: Why Understanding Compressors is so Important for Troubleshooting

Watch our last webinar about Refrigeration Compressors Troubleshooting.
You will learn about the different types of mechanical failures caused by system related issues. We are talking about the things that affect semi hermetic and scroll compressors in the commercial refrigeration and hvac industry.

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The speaker
Trevor Matthews, Canada

About Refrigeration Mentor
Trevor Matthews who is a Certified Training & Development Professional and a subject matter expert in commercial refrigeration systems, has worked as a technician installing, commissioning, and servicing supermarket racks, commercial refrigeration, and HVAC systems. Trevor has trained thousands of technicians, managers, and business owners and has helped educators, contractors and manufacturers develop trainings around specific refrigeration topics that met their needs. Trevor takes a systematic approach when designing a program and makes sure the information is easily digestible from servicing and troubleshooting systems programs to making technologies like CO2 refrigeration seem simple to work with, while motivating and building confidence in the learners.

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