The Story of Refrigeration Technologies Part 1

We think it’s important that you know who you’re buying your products from. In this recent interview on HVAC Shop Talk, John talks about how Refrigeration Technologies started. From a bench chemist to HVAC technician and back again.

Out of frustration with leak detectors, John developed his first successful HVAC product Big Blu. Drawing from his 17 years’ experience as a contractor and now going on 30 years with Refrigeration Technologies, John has continued to bring us more great brands like NYLOG and VIPER. Today his chemicals are used by service technicians worldwide. John gives insight into some of his thinking when developing a new product.

This is an inspirational interview on how to piece together and build off all your life experiences to become successful. Hopefully, this podcast will motivate other service techs to go forward and develop their own product or service to advance our industry.

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