Stainless steel Oil Level Sight Glass With Ball, 1300 PSI Sight Window Sight Plug Sight Gauge

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compares to plastic material. It can work in high temperature environment.
The sealing of hydraulic tank sight glass is achieved with a gasket . The gasket is made of high-quality rubber /graphite material, which is resistant to high temperature, corrosion and oxidation. It can provide good sealing performance and prevent oil leakage during use.
Gearbox Oil level sight glass used widely to check the oil level of the pump in the air compressor,pump, tank, etc. The actual liquid level position screw oil in the oil tank can be placed on the tank sight glass to see, to judge from the outside to run defenders screw oil meets the operating condition.

Hydraulic Tank Oil Level Sight Glass

Our sight glasses allow direct visual observation of processes within industrial pipes, tanks, and vessels etc. These sights have a glass window. Screw them into threaded holes on tanks, gear cases, bearing housings, and mixers to see inside.

Most of our competing units consist of a piece of glass sandwiched between two metal flanges or threaded rings. By contrast, our sight windows are designed to circumvent the significant limitations of such designs, and provide the users with an easily maintained installation that offer large margins of safety. Custom safety sight glasses can be designed to meet your exact specifications.

Advantages of different material body for custom Sight Glass:

Sights with a polypropylene body are lighter than sights with a metal
Sights with a bronze body are harder and more durable than sights with a brass body for a longer service
Aluminum sights have good corrosion

Sights with a 316 stainless steel body are more corrosion resistant than sights with a brass, bronze, steel or aluminum body.

How to choose different indicators Inside for custom sight glass?

An indicator moves when flow is present, so it’s easy to visually confirm flow from a distance. For dark liquid, an indication inside will be best choice to check flow from a distance.

Flapper indicator provides a subtle indication of flow.
Ball indicator shows flow more prominently than a flapper indicator for easier viewing at a distance.
Rotor indicator is the most obvious indicator of flow for maximum visibility.
Back window can be backlit to increase the visibility of dark liquids.