Sight Glass Refurbish (Part 4)

The Sightglass and drain plugs were leak culprits. We show a few inspection tips to analyze leak locations on your machine. In Part 2 we removed all the oil so the removal of the drain plug was trouble-free. Seal your machine & Recycle Oil Responsibly. The …
hydraulic system, fill, level, and drain features organized vertically all together for easy maintenance, it is a very nice design element. Used equipment usually tells a story of what works well and what has not worked. We read the tea leaves on the Tsugami to make the refurb as good or sometimes better than new.

0:00 Drain Plug Removal
2:43 Sight Glass Removal
4:06 Analysis of Leak
5:45 Tool Tip
7:43 Paint Indicators
8:02 Gaskets
8:11 Assembly

Tech Articles

Dental Tool, this has many uses in the shop. We use it here to scrape off paint and other debris that often acts like cement and impedes removal:

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