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All silicone grease is not created equal. Silicone grease is a combination of silicone oil (polydimethylsiloxane) and a high quality thickener – amorphous fumed silica. When it is mixed in the right proportions with no other inexpensive additives thrown in; pure silicone grease has a snow white appearance and a greasy, Crisco” like appearance. Seasoft’s Absilube Pure Silicone Grease is engineered and manufactured to these high standards. It is the same pure silicone grease used by NASA and other space programs when a high quality, pure, silicone grease is required.

Seasoft’s Absilube Pure Silicone Grease is perfect for O-ring lubrication & protection, regulator re-builds & servicing, & any other location where a high quality lubricant is required. Absilube Pure Silicone Grease also acts as a corrosion-inhibitor and can be used on both rubber and stainless steel parts. It is a food grade silicone which means that in small quantities it will not harm an individual if ingested but will simply pass through the digestive tract.