Nu-Calgon Clean Connect™ System – Concentrated A/C Coil Cleaner Ideal for Rooftop Units

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Nu-Calgon has introduced new quart concentrate sizes of three of its most popular coil cleaners along with a convenient new sprayer. Together, they make up the Clean Connect™ System. Nu-Brite® 4x, Alka-Brite+® 4x and Tri-Pow’r® HD 4x are concentrate quarts equal to one gallon of traditional coil cleaner (4:1 dilution). The new size takes up less space on contractor trucks and is easier to carry on rooftops and ship to job sites. Each concentrate quart has a special insert that attaches to the Clean Connect™ Sprayer, which regulates the dilution of coil cleaner with water to make coil cleaning easier than ever. There’s no need to pour any coil cleaner, preventing any spilling from occurring. The Clean Connect Sprayer comes with a carrying bag and accessory to hook up the Nu-Calgon Probe.
Features & Benefits:
Cleaner connecting – no more pouring or spilling
Concentrates take less space on truck
Concentrates easier to carry on roof/long distances
One concentrate quart equals one gallon of traditional coil cleaner (at 4:1 dilution)
Dilution orifice in bottle – less likely for sprayer to clog
Use what is needed – simply cap bottle for next job
Cleaners ship easier to job site as Limited Quantity
Sprayer comes with attachment for Nu-Calgon Probe (4774-1)
Sprayer comes with nylon mesh carrying bag
Extension spray wand also available separately