NAVAC NRDD Recovery Machine in Action

Bryan Orr shows the NAVAC NRDD recovery machine in action. He shows how the NRDD works, what the NRDD comes with, and how quickly it can recover refrigerant.

The NRDD comes with several accessories, including a hose adapter for use with the flare drier, a connecting cord for recovery tanks with sensors, and spare filter screens. It also has a digital display and a self-purge mode.

Before recovering the refrigerant, Bryan checks the data tag and line set length so that he can properly weigh the charge. He also shuts off the disconnect before recovering the refrigerant. Bryan also gathers the rest of his recovery materials, including a hose (not a manifold), core remover tools, and the recovery tank. Removing the Schrader cores allows for a faster recovery, and the core remover tool can connect directly to the hose, which connects to the NRDD; probes can also connect to the side ports on the core remover tools, but the digital display makes probes less important. The NRDD then connects to another hose, which connects to the recovery tank. In this case, we’re connecting to the vapor port and inverting the tank.

In most cases with residential and light commercial A/C units, you only have to pull down to atmospheric pressure. However, if you are unsure or are working with an unfamiliar refrigerant, you must refer to your company’s recovery/evacuation requirements for a given refrigerant. The NRDD is able to comply with most of those standards.

First, Bryan pulls a vacuum on the new tank. Then, he sets up the hoses, core removers, and dryer. He removes the cores, hooks the tank up to the recovery machine, and gets his scale ready. Once the recovery machine has been purged and connected to the scale, Bryan purges the tank and opens it for recovery. Once the machine starts recovering, it shows the inlet and outlet pressure on the display.

The machine pulls out 3 pounds and 8 ounces of refrigerant in under 5 minutes. However, the charge is lower than expected, meaning that we will have to investigate for leaks.

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