MT Transcritical CO2 Compressor Superheat

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It is so important on every compressor out there to have superheat or you are risking having the proper lubrication for that compressor. Oil dilution. This can cause bearing damage/scoring! A minimum of 18°F (10K) superheat is recommended for MT Transcritical at compressor suction inlet is required at all operating conditions to avoid oil dilution with CO2 (R-744). For Low Temperature Subcritical models, the compressor operating superheat, at suction inlet, should be maintained above 36°F (20K) to avoid oil dilution. However, controlling the return gas temperatures to maintain compressor discharge temperatures below 250°F (121.1°C) is recommended, especially at high compression ratio conditions (high condensing and low evaporating temperatures). The compressor superheat should be controlled at a balanced level to not only avoid oil dilution in the compressor but also maintain a compressor head discharge temperature below 310 °F (154°C), especially at high compression ratios (high condensing and low evaporating temperatures)

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