Is a WIND Turbine Right for You? Yes or No?

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Wind power. A wind turbine spinning to make electricity is it a good thing to have? You are going off grid or supplementing your power needs. A thought comes to your mind. There are solar panels but what about a wind turbine to generate electricity? Here are my thoughts to help you make up your mind if a wind turbine is a good fit for you. Or not a good fit.

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You’re thinking about maybe getting a wind generator. I’ve spent a lifetime studying all of this and I just want to share with you my thinking on a wind generator. Let’s discuss the pros cons good bad and my thoughts based on real life experience. Is a wind turbine generator a good fit for you?

You might be thinking I could just put up a poll and put a wind generator on it and when the wind blows it makes power. Is a wind turbine generator a good investment for you? Is a wind turbine worth the cost?

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