HVAC Appilication Tool how to use Cerma universal HVAC, A/C Tool Kit Injector

THE UNIVERSAL INJECTOR Is designed to work on any vehicle or a/c system all the way up to the high pressure 410 systems Kit includes a/c and auto adaptor the injector is designed to work on the low side {It will always be the pipe that is cold not hot] How to bleed the injector unscrew the piston to the 2 oz. line ,remove cap with hose and pour one 2oz bottle screw the cap back on hold upright turn piston clockwise and bleed air back into the bottle you will not waist a single drop purchase a shredder valve from any auto supply and insert into auto adaptor for removing the air then remove the shredder and close the valve you are now ready to proceed when Charging a system always have A/C on full power and keep running before charging. We recommend installing a little at a time rather than all at once so the Cerma will have time to circulate thru the system gradually. http://www.cermatreatment.com/