Hilmor Lineset Cleaner – Field Demo

Sam with Kalos Services and HVAC School does a field demo with the new Hilmor lineset cleaner. The Hilmor lineset cleaner requires you to use nitrogen to force foam pigs through refrigerant lines, cleaning up residual oil and refrigerant as the pigs work through the tubing.

Included in the Hilmor lineset cleaner kit is a threaded fitting, which allows you to use a variety of foam pig sizes depending on the tubing diameter. The Hilmor lineset cleaner also comes with a catch net to collect the foam pigs at the end of the line.

Before cleaning the line set, deburr the copper to give the foam pigs a smooth point of entry. The fittings slide right onto the line, and you can finger-tighten the hose clamp on there. He attaches the lineset cleaner gun by threading it on.

Sam starts with the 3/4″ pig, which he slides into the chamber of the gun. Then, he hooks nitrogen up from the tank and discharges the pig by pulling the trigger. The pig comes out at the other end and stays in the catch net. Sam repeats the process with the 3/8″ pig through the liquid line, thus cleaning both lines.

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