Goodman Heat Pump with HORRIBLE Duct System & How I FIXED It!!

The customer recently bought this home with new Goodman heat pump split unit HVAC equipment and they were experiencing high humidity levels on the second floor. They called out another company and the tech added refrigerant hoping that would fix the issue. After realizing that didn’t work, they called me out for a second opinion. First thing I did was hook up all my @Fieldpiece Products wireless probes with the @measureQuick app to get a full system diagnosis. I found the system running with little to no superheat and a low temperature drop (checking temps at the grilles in the space). I then hopped in the attic to inspect the air handler and duct system. Found the problem!! This duct system was hanging on by a thread. No screws, hardly any tape, several major gaps, etc! This unit was pulling in a lot of attic air! It is time for a little overhaul on this duct system. In this video I show my process on repairing the ductwork and removing refrigerant to get the system running right, hope you enjoy. LET’S DO SOME WORK!!


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Veto ProPac LC Tool Bag:
MeasureQuick App:
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