Furnace Inspection – Demonstration by Nyle, Nate-certified HVAC technician – D&H Air Conditioning

Have you ever seen an HVAC furnace safety inspection? What do HVAC technicians look at when they inspect a the heating furnace of A/C unit?

Nyle, one of our NATE-certified HVAC technicians, is showing step by step how he proceeds with the inspection. Of course, we have ,summarized the inspection to avoid boring you with all the testing, and the waiting periods… This video is a 96-second summary of a safety inspection that lasts about 30 minutes if there is nothing to repair on the unit.

The demonstration is set in the state-of-the-art lab created by D&H in our own premises. The lab is the training ground for our HVAC technicians. It is in the lab that we review with them all the best practices that they have to use in the field, at clients’ homes. They benefit from a continuous learning program at D&H, to cover all types of repairs and issues that can be found on HVAC units of various makes and models. With this training under their belt, they are more efficient when they perform an A/C inspection and repair at our clients’ homes.

Heating furnaces need to be inspected every year before they are operated again for the winter season. Furnaces need to be cleaned up and the level of CO (carbon monoxide) emissions has to be tested to make sure the unit is safe to operate. Carbon monoxide is a poison gas: it is odorless, and it does not take much of it to create major issues. It is estimated that every year, 50,000+ Americans need to be rushed to emergency rooms because of CO poisoning, ,and several hundreds actually die from this gas.

If you are watching this video and you live in Tucson and neighboring cities, call our hotline at (520) 664-3699 to schedule a technical safety inspection of your furnace. This is extremely important. If you don’t live in our area, call a goo, professional HVAC company with NATE-certified technicians, to perform this safety inspection. Don’t delay.

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