Fieldpiece Vacuum Pump VP87 | Replacing compressor | HVACR

Came back for the compressor change out and we’re testing out the Fieldpiece 8cfm Vacuum Pump VP87
VP67, VPX7
Initial impression, real use & key features. Learn more at

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0:00 – Intro
0:20 – Setting up Fieldpiece pump
1:40 – Vacuum Test
4:19 – Recovering Refrigerant
6:27 – Getting new Compressor Ready
9:00 – Removing Old Compressor
10:25 – Installing New Compressor
15:55 – I had a leak during pressure test
16:15 – Pressure test and trying out the new vacuum pump
25:40 – Cleaning up
26:19 – Quick oil change
26:59 – Overview of the VP87 key features