Fast Recovery #6: Fast Recovery With No Manifold

In the sixth of an Appion Tools exclusive 6 part video series talking about the recovery process, we discuss the recovery process without a manifold. While using a manifold is more of a traditional and common method, Appion will show you how to increase the speed of your recovery and how the G5Twin can reduce the amount of time spent on the job without using a manifold.

This is just one part of our“Fast Recovery Series.” In the series, we talk about the best practices for ensuring that you have the best equipment for the job, preparing your recovery cylinders, purging the lines, keeping full flow connections and how to keep your machine cool and running optimally. We even talk about how to use your equipment to go through the recovery process without using a manifold! We’re all about helping you get the job done correctly and quickly, saving you both time and money!

At Appion, that’s been our mission since the beginning. From the revolutionary G5Twin Recovery machine and TEZ8 vacuum pump, to improving on all of our products such as the PT500 & PT800 (pressure and temperature) gauges, MegaFlow kits, vacuum certified hoses, and valve core removal tools, our mission has always been to help our customers. And now that you can more efficiently track information with the FREE Appion ION HVAC/R app (available on both Android and iPhone), now is the perfect time to pair all of our equipment with the provided training to get the job done right!

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