Emerson SureSwitch

Do Not Try This At Home! Installing this part requires training, skill, special tools and knowledge of both electrical and HVAC components. Please consult with your HVAC service professional if you would like this product installed on your A/C unit.

Here’s a Video about the new Emerson SureSwitch. A universal electronic upgrade for mechanical Compressor contactors. In this video, I show the difference this product, along with a 5-2-1 start assist, made for my older Rheem A/C unit. The start assist made a noticeable difference in how the compressor sounded starting up. Adding the Emerson SureSwitch made it even better. My compressor starts up much faster and smoother now.

Rheem has been using the zero point switching technology in their two stage line of condensers for many years. Now, any unit can benefit from this amazing technology with the installation of the Emerson SureSwitch. The contacts in the Emerson SureSwitch will not become pitted like a mechanical contactor. It has a built in optical sensor that eliminates arching of the contacts. With the built in short cycle timer and the brown out protection, this is one great product! Thanks for watching!!