Drain Cleaning Innovation with A/C Easy Tee

Bryan interviews Chris with A/C Easy Tee about a game-changing drain-cleaning product. The A/C Easy Tee is a PVC fitting that allows you to access the top of the drain line and easily connect a shop vac, hose, or source of compressed air for cleaning.

With the A/C Easy Tee, you just need to use a straight fitting with a shop vac, and you can clean the drain pan. The product also comes with an angle tool to block a path to the air handler to force the water or compressed gases out to the end of the drain. Hose nozzles also fit in the Easy Tee.

The Easy Tee differs from your typical 3/4″ tee because it’s mounted on the line differently and is a lot more functional as a result; the Easy Tee makes it much easier to access the upper part of the drain than a traditional tee and has a tapered design. However, it works well with two access points, including a traditional tee, to clean out the whole drain.

Initially, A/C Easy Tee wasn’t supposed to work on condensate pumps, but a pump adaptation has been in development.

You can purchase the kit with the adapters, but you can also purchase tees individually at supply houses or in a contractor pack of 20. The tees are fitted with high-quality O-ring seals and are secure.

You can purchase the A/C Easy Tee contractor pack on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Easy-Tee-Contractor-Pack/dp/B0752YWW1F/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=ac+easy+tee&qid=1597940882&sr=8-1, but you can also learn more about the product and company at https://aceasytee.com/.

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