Did this common just fix Pioneer Jeskai Ascendancy? Streets of New Capenna | Magic: The Gathering

Bryant Cook plays 4c Jeskai Ascendancy in a Pioneer League on Magic: The Gathering Online! These matches were played on: 05/07/22

How does this deck work? It’s fairly simple. We’re looking to accelerate into Jeskai Ascendancy using Sylvan Caryatid and then cast spells which will then untap the Sylvan Caryatid. Alternatively, Sylvan Awakening turning all of your lands into creatures means that whenever you cast a spell all of your lands will untap. Eventually, your lands will grow large enough for you to attack for lethal.

Did this common just fix Pioneer Jeskai Ascendancy? With a brand new common card from Streets of New Capenna (SNC), Bryant thinks that 4c Ascendancys back! That card? None other than Strangle!

Why is that good? It cleanly removes Narset, Parter of Veils for a single mana.

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//———- Decklist ———-//
✎ https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/4801806#online
⚡ Deck Tech — 00:00

//———- Matches ———//
Round 1 vs. golphinus with Izzet Phoenix — 00:05:53
Round 2 vs. BeReborn with Rakdos Vampires — 00:18:42
Round 3 vs. switchjon with Rakdos Midrange — 00:29:35
Round 4 vs. UsernameMustBeUnique with Rogues — 00:41:28
Round 5 vs. asnook with Izzet Tempo — 01:00:16

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