Demonstration of Viper Big Blu micro leak detector vs 'Competitor A'

These demonstrations compare Viper Big Blu micro leak detector vs ‘Competitor A’ to prove that Big Blu remains the leak detection fluid of choice.


Some technicians perceive that thicker leak detector fluid is better because it holds onto the pipe for longer
Over-thickened fluids are too stiff and resist bubble formation, so escaping gas will push the fluid away and not form a bubble. Any bubble that does form will collapse on itself from its own weight.

Big Blu, by Refrigeration Technologies, is certified for use on any grade of gas including hospital-grade oxygen. Many competitive leak detector solutions contain glycerine or other hydrocarbons that will react with oxygen gas to produce heat, a very dangerous and possibly explosive situation. Big Blu will detect micro-leaks as small as 18.5 grams per year on thin, small micro-channel coils.

Big Blu works in a temperature range of +1.7°C to +80°C. The only products that can detect leaks in temperatures lower than +1.7°C are Big Blu Brush On (-18°C to +95°C) and Big Blu Subzero (-34°C to +95°C) and they can be used while the system is running

If you have children who like making bubbles, throw some Big Blu in the bubble gun and stand back for the world’s biggest bubbles. It’s just as safe as dishwashing detergent

The chemical formulations of Big Blu are a closely guarded secret, so there’s little else to say except that it works. The global market can’t be wrong!