CRC Silicone Mist – 100% Lubricating Silicone

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CRC Silicone Mist is a dry-type silicone spray formulated with 100% pure food grade silicone oil for light lubrication and mould release. It is applied as a fine dry mist and instantly forms a colourless clear ultra-thin film providing a non-stick surface without oily residue. It does not build up, carry over or soak in and can be used on equipment in operation minimising downtime.

CRC Silicone Mist is designed as a release agent and for lubrication of cutting tools and equipment. It eliminates sticking, drag and puckering problems, reduces static electricity, extends tool life and resists dust and dirt build up. It is particularly suited for use in the food, packaging, textile and plastics manufacturing industries where the lubricant comes in contact with surfaces that would be contaminated by wet lubricants.

Features & Benefits

Creates non-stick surface – Eliminates drag, sticking and puckering. Materials can easily pass through cutting and sewing operations.

Clear & odourless – Pure food grade silicone. No solvents. No bulking agents.

Does not transfer, non-staining – Ultra-thin film that does not transfer to garments and materials. Does not soak in or build up. No excessive oily residue.

Resists dust & dirt – Leaves surfaces non-sticking and water-repellent.

Adheres tenaciously – Does not run, drip or wash off.

Temperature Range – Effective from -30°C to +160°C.

NZFSA Approved C26

NZ AsureQuality assessment for food/beverage/dairy factory incidental contact.


Textile and apparel applications

Cutting operations and machines

Cutting tables, sewing needles, knives, cutting blades, conveyors, slides, slicing equipment

Foam cutting

Ideal for production of packaging including food packaging

Mould release