Copeland Tandem & Trios

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It is so important to understand there is an extra nameplate on Copeland tandem and trio setups. Why this is important is because on certain size tandem and trios there no service replacements. This means you will have to change out the tandem set if one of the compressors fails for smaller capacity Scrolls but not all. Another thing if you just take the compressor model number and bring it to the Copeland authorized wholesaler and they do not know it has come from a tandem or trio assembly they may give you a compressor that will not work. Always refer to the compressor manual. (The AE Bulletin)

When replacement compressors on a tandem or trio set:
Never Try To Un-braze Manifold Lines and weakens the copper which could lead to a crack (No Manifold Service Parts)
Cut Piping Connections Close To The Compressor
Use Couplings And Short Lengths Of Copper Tubing For Replacement
If Replacing Single Compressor Ask Age/Date Code Of Both Compressors & tandem model number!

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