Copeland Discus – Full Inspection & Teardown

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In this video, I will go through the steps of how I do a teardown on a semi-hermetic compressor. I would love to see more technicians dig just a little deep and start inspecting the compressor before condemning them.
You do not have to be an expert when you start looking inside compressors but over time doing these steps will help you troubleshoot faster and save many compressors over the years, as well as becoming a better technician.
I have done 100’s of inspections with some of the top compressor inspection experts in North America and these are some of the tips they have shown me.
I would like to hear how you inspect semi-hermetic compressors, and what are the steps you take when troubleshooting and determining what caused the failure for that compressor.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:45 – Where to scan with Copeland Mobile
3:00 – Check winding resistance
5:24 – Taking compressor head off and inspect
6:36 – Inspecting valve plate
8:35 – Inspecting pistons and cylinders
9:38 – Checking wrist pin
11:09 – How to check net oil pressure
12:30 – Wrist pin check with pump off
13:27 – Checking if you had floodback on a semi-hermetic
15:30 – Changing discharge gasket
16:50 – Checking internals of a 6D compressor
18:38 – Checking 4D/6D internal sensors