Contactor Upgraded w/ SureSwitch

In this unboxing video w/ SureSwitch, Bryan gives us a look at the Emerson White-Rodgers SureSwitch (49M11-843) and explains why this is a contactor upgraded. He also shows us what the multi-volt contactor comes with and how it works.

The multi-voltage nature of the SureSwitch allows it to be used as a contactor for 24v, 120v, 208v, and 240v applications. So, the SureSwitch can be used for a wide range of residential, commercial, and refrigeration equipment. It has a 1+ pole connection, meaning it has one contact and one connect-through pole.

The SureSwitch has up to 5x the life expectancy of a typical contactor, partially because it has a sealed switch that prevents insects from getting inside. It also has integrated compressor protection for conditions like brownouts and short cycles, and it can replace many types of OEM contactors.

The SureSwitch comes with a sticker that you can place on the electrical panel. This sticker contains guides for equipment testing and flash codes. It primarily exists to notify future technicians that the contactor is NOT an OEM type. “Load out” and “line in” are clearly indicated on the contactor out of the box. The control coil comes with different connections based on the line voltage, mounting screws, and a terminal multiplier flag terminal (for multiple connections). The SureSwitch has a random start delay to prevent current spikes in applications with multiple SureSwitch contactors (such as multi-family residences).

You can run a 5-second compression test by pressing the “test” button for one second. To get an idea of the cycle count, press and hold the “count” button. Compared to a regular contactor, the line and load connections are relatively close together (as opposed to on opposite sides).

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