CO2 Refrigeration Service, CO2 Defrosts and EEVs with Mike Harding

Sorry for the poor video quality, audio is great. Had a setup Issue.

Guest Mike Harding from Gateway Mechanical:

What a great conversation with Mike. Here is what we talked about:

– The differences between HFC and CO2, and how it takes longer to pump down a CO2 system because of the heat capacity
-Key things you should know about defrosting on some of the systems he worked on.
– This he learn with defrost and some troubleshooting on the system he worked on like Systems LMP, Hill Phoenix/Advansor Carnot
– How he did a lot of research on CO2 systems before installing and servicing
– He took any manufacture training that was available and how he read as many manuals as he could find to totally understand the system.
– Why it is so important to know the control systems that you are using. He gave a huge tip on Max Operating Pressure for a Micro Thermo System
– Why it is important to have an internal training program on CO2 system and get your technicians familiar with the system before taking on call on those systems
– Understanding the sequence of operation of that specific CO2 system
– Challenges when working on CO2 system and what to do to overcome those challenges.

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