Cleaning an HVAC Slant Evaporator Coil in Place Using Viper

In this video, we show the process of cleaning an HVAC slant evaporator coil in place using Viper aerosol coil cleaner from Refrigeration Technologies.

The Viper aerosol cleaner is a safe and effective way to clean indoor coils. It doesn’t have much of a smell and is easy to point at and spray on the slant coil. You also don’t have to rinse it because it won’t cause corrosion, but it’s still something we like to do.

You spray the coil cleaner on the coil in a zigzag pattern. Once the coil is covered, let the spray dwell for about 5 minutes. Then, if you want to rinse the coil, use a pump sprayer with water to rinse it from top to bottom, letting the coil cleaner fall into the drain pan.

As always, it’s a good idea to make sure you put down drop cloths to reduce spillage and to run the shop vac on the drain to reduce the likelihood of pan spillage. You can also use a soft brush in the direction of the fins to loosen heavy soil on the coil before you spray the cleaner.

Refrigeration Technologies:

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