APCO-X Installation – UVC For Indoor Air Quality

I recently installed the APCO-X TUVX-DER by Fresh-Aire UV with remote UV bulb. There was not enough room to install the main unit above the air conditioner A coil, so the remote UV bulb kit worked perfectly in this scenario. APCO-X is an indoor air quality device that de-contaminates the evaporator coil in a central air conditioning system with a UVC bulb, the TUVX-DER model with remote bulb allows for easy installation when space considerations must be made.

The main housing was installed in the return plenum which also includes a UV bulb and titanium carbon matrix to help with VOC’s and odours within a building. Check out the video as I show you how to install the APCO-X TUVX-DER from start to finish.

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