Air Conditioning Not Cooling / Electrical Troubleshooting

Air conditioning not cooling due to electrical problems! Peek over my shoulder and see how I find the problem. The wind noise comes and goes but you can hear me, hang in there for a lot of good tips and tricks.

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0:00-Intro / This is the unit
0:25-Electrical diagnostics
0:55-Why don’t I have low voltage?
3:12-Isolating and locating the short
4:00-Like What Your Watching? LIKE THE VIDEO THEN!
4:55-How, what and why is it that way
5:48-There it is!
8:14-Make it happen / they need cooling!
12:06-It’s alive!
13:44-Let’s talk about it!?
14:07-I’m back to make it right
16:03-Removing the dead body heater LoL
17:04-Slide it in
18:10-Electrical Peep-Show
21:10-Electrical checks
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