A Commonly Missed Airflow Issue w/ Bert

Bert finds a commonly missed airflow issue when out to do a leak detection on an A/C system. Jessica also comes along for filming and to talk about tools.

When the air handler is packed into a tight space, the front and back insulation can pull against the system. That insulation gets pulled against the blower, which can result in airflow problems. The solution to that sort of problem is to tighten down the insulation and keep it from flapping back up against the blower.

To access the back insulation, you’ll need to pull the blower wheel out. In this case, the washers are slightly bigger than the wheel and held in by three screws. When we remove the screws, the whole blower assembly can slide right out.

Bert also comes across an upside-down screw with a very tight access space at the top between all the wiring and the relay. Making sure that the power is off, he gets the wiring out of the way to make the space a little less tight. When the screw comes out, Bert decides to leave it out, as four screws will work well enough to keep the blower assembly in place.

The insulation looks pretty rough in the back, so Bert decides to glue it down on the flat sides and tape the corners. When taping the corners, Bert creases the tape BEFORE applying it to make the taping process easier.

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